2007 Truck Tow Ratings

We have 13 makes of 2007 Truck Tow Ratings. These Truck makes include Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, HUMMER, Isuzu, Lincoln, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota. Without a doubt, a truck is the best vehicle to tow any trailer. At the same time, trucks also have the most configurations of any towing vehicle on the market. Make sure to select your correct truck make below, then continue on through the next steps to narrow it down.

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Trailer Towability

Can I tow a Fifth-Wheel?
At this point, we are 90% sure that you can tow a fifth-wheel up to 25 feet long.
21' to 25' Fifth-Wheel

Can I tow a Travel Trailer?
At this point, we are 75% sure that you can tow a travel trailer up to 30 feet long.
26' to 30' Travel Trailer

Can I tow a Pop-Up Camper?
At this point, we are 95% sure that you can tow a pop-up camper up to 35 feet long.
31' to 35' Pop-Up Camper

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Disclaimer: This is only our recommendation. You need to check your vehicle for the actual tow rating and make sure to also check the sticker in the trailer you plan to tow behind it. The sticker that list the weights on a trailer is usually located behind a cabinet around the sink. The maximum towing capacity is valid only when the vehicle is adequately equipped. This may require engine and/or other drivetrain upgrades. For full disclaimers, please read our Terms of Use.

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